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    Intuition wrote:

    Lay down with a dog, you'll wake up with fleas.

    Like that quote, but love this one better;

    Get in bed with Hyperion, you'll end up sleeping with the fishes

    (American gangsters would place enemy's feet in bucket of concrete, let it harden then drop them into a deep lake)

    Jens has painted himself into a difficult corner, and refuses to negotiate his way out of it, instead, it seems he would rather go down with the Hyperion ship as it sinks. Too bad, as he has made several interesting hardware projects available to hundreds of Amiga users over the years, and I see no good reason for anyone to want him to leave the Amiga market, no matter what rumors there are about his short temper, or lack of customer support on some of his products.

    Edit: Then there is Jens attitude toward anyone who produces products that compete directly against any of his own products, where it seems he has no trouble spreading negative, and maybe some times false or misleading information about his competition. Still, I would not want him to leave the Amiga market, or never make another Amiga hardware add-on product.

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