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    Another one you can blame Hyperion for. They claimed ownership of the ROMs, and sold a license to Jens which turned to mush in his hands when it was realised their ownership was (strongly) disputed and that it pretty much forced this lawsuit.

    But of course people won't - they'll blame Cloanto for withholding ROMs from them and for chasing a board manufacturer out of the market. Just as planned? They don't know of Jens' behaviour concerning Genesi, or Minimig/Natami, and quite what a person he actually is.

    Pretty much. I'm not taking sides between Cloanto and Icomp, but it seems the poison pill was administered by Hyperion. There was that show report where Michael was shocked to find out Jens had major heat with him due to what HYPE had told him. I'd bet the P96 disagreement could have been worked out, but that poison pill killed everything.

    Get in bed with Hyperion at your own peril, even with Icomp it seems.

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