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    > For those compelled to follow the drama: [...]

    Yesterday's addendum to iComp's December press release:

    "Cloanto has published e-mails that supposedly support their claim to own a perpetual license to P96. However, the published eMails clearly show that the license is "non-upgradable", which of course applies to both sides. This means that the license would have had to be renewed with the release of "Amiga Forever" V5.1, which came out on december 23rd, 2002. Such a renewal did not happen, so the acquired license is void now. The authors were correct not telling us about any more current licensees, as Cloanto proved without a legal doubt."

    This is a remarkably idiotic reasoning in my opinion and I'd be really baffled should he be successful with it.

    More from him (emphasis mine):

    "Now Cloanto comes along and claims to own "practically everything" for an 18-year-ago payment of just over 1000,- EUR? See my addendum to the december news about P96, published yesterday. [...] I am fed up with all the fighting. Yes, the Amiga market has always been toxic, but there's a difference between a few trolls behaving like idiots in forums and a company just causing huge expenses for lawyers, just because they can. That's purely destructive, and I don't want to be part of that. [...] I will watch this until mid-february 2020. If Cloanto has won any of the lawsuits that are currently going on, there will be no more Amiga stuff from me. If the lawsuits are still going on by then, there will be no more Amiga stuff from me. Till then, everything will continue as it did; I'll focus on finishing started designs, such as Indivision AGA MK3 and ACA1240/1260."
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