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    >>> Power 9 [...] could run existing MorphOS with no alteration

    >> using QEMU's mac99 virtualization with KVM-PR, that is.

    > Or other virtualizations. I'd like to see something emulating a P5040 based X5000.

    Existing mac99 virtualization is fully sufficient and can run AltiVec binaries. X5000 virtualization, beside not yet existing, couldn't. What advantages would it have for running MorphOS?

    >>> while providing a multitude of additional threads that could run a more
    >>> advanced little endian 64 based box (better than a X64 version)

    >> Why not run this potential little-endian PPC64 version of MorphOS
    >> on bare metal (PowerNV) instead of boxed?

    > Everything on Power4-9 runs with the hypervisor enabled

    Yet, a host OS that runs directly on PowerNV (i.e non-virtualized) with access to OPAL is not running in a 'box', at least according to my understanding of the term. Otherwise, it'd be hard to distinguish such host OS from virtualized guest environments.

    Edit: clarifying quote:
    "there is no hypervisor under Linux when we're using the powernv platform, Linux *is* the hypervisor."

    >>> no doubt OS4 as well as all we would need would be P50X0 emulation,
    >>> or better yet e6500 core emulation

    >> OS4 doesn't run on e6500.

    > No, but MorphOS could

    ...as could OS4 ;-)

    > about eight times the bandwidth per lane, with Tabor (and Samantha)
    > only supplying 4 PCIe lanes to the video card while Blackbird's
    > expansion slots provide 8 or 16 lanes. In other words, a potential
    > of almost 16 times the bandwidth.

    Even 32 times with 16 lanes on POWER9 :-)

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