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    MorphOS on Tallos II? MorphOS 68K? :-D

    Maybe, or on an enhanced FPGA version of the 68K.

    How about Coldfire V5? NXP just might be willing to sell those to a less restricted market then they currently limit it to.

    Coldfire? Man, why not porting MorphOS to the mars rover (it even has a ppc), probably as future proof, spread and easy to get hold of as coldfire....

    I don't know about you, but I want MorphOS on easy to get and powerful hardware. This is the aging PowerMac or x64 kit. One may think about ARM instread x64 (but I favor x64).
    Raptor Blackbird may be worth a bit of discussion/consideration as it is POWER. But it also has some issues: not really wide spread, no laptop, a bit pricey and it is somehow cannoning on sparrows.

    The biggest problems I see with X64 are that we will have to limit support to a few selected models and the ISA is not software compatible.
    Laptops we already have, and if an e6500/T2080 laptop is ever produced we will have a multi-core, multi-threaded, 64 bit laptop as a potential target.

    I was sort of joking about Coldfire (although I do have an unrelated project involving that). I'm not sure that even a 600MHz Coldfire V5 or a Vampire style 68K based FPGA basedsystem would be powerful enough for MorphOS to run adequately.

    Powerful hardware? Well, our G5s run at up to 2.7 GHz, they are 64 bit, multi-core PPCs. They lack the hypervisor included in other Power 4 based cpus, but they could serve as a starting point for MorphOS NG.

    And the promo prices that were just offered on the four and eight core Blackbird board proves that we could get REALLY powerful upgrade hardware at prices comparable to the X5000.

    Finally, there are a few other future possibilities that can't be discussed yet (until I'm released from an NDA). But, honestly, we seem to be in a better position then those relying Aeon/Hyperion. Why not push forward with what has our primary focus?

    An X64 fork does not have force the discontinuation of the Power based OS. Not when the two can be shifted to hardware with similar capabilities. And, from what I've been able to uncover so far, Power9 is better suited to VM applications than X64.
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