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    Jim schrieb:

    redrumloa wrote:
    MorphOS on Tallos II? MorphOS 68K? :-D

    Maybe, or on an enhanced FPGA version of the 68K.

    How about Coldfire V5? NXP just might be willing to sell those to a less restricted market then they currently limit it to.

    Coldfire? Man, why not porting MorphOS to the mars rover (it even has a ppc), probably as future proof, spread and easy to get hold of as coldfire....

    I don't know about you, but I want MorphOS on easy to get and powerful hardware. This is the aging PowerMac or x64 kit. One may think about ARM instread x64 (but I favor x64).
    Raptor Blackbird may be worth a bit of discussion/consideration as it is POWER. But it also has some issues: not really wide spread, no laptop, a bit pricey and it is somehow cannoning on sparrows.

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