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    > the Power version could easdily match the X64 system or out perform it, as
    > Power 9 has a built-in hypervisor than only uses about 2% of the processor's
    > power, versus about 20% for a software based hypersvisor on a X64 system.

    Why would an x64-native MorphOS need to run on "a software based hypersvisor on a X64 system"?

    > Power 9 [...] could run existing MorphOS with no alteration

    ...using QEMU's mac99 virtualization with KVM-PR, that is.

    > while providing a multitude of additional threads that could run a more
    > advanced little endian 64 based box (better than a X64 version)

    Why not run this potential little-endian PPC64 version of MorphOS on bare metal (PowerNV) instead of boxed?

    > we could even devote a few threads to emulating X64 [...],
    > for simultaneous Power and X64 threads via the hypervisor

    I'm not sure the hypervisor can help with emulating x64 on POWER.

    > no doubt OS4 as well as all we would need would be P50X0 emulation

    OS4 already runs fine on QEMU's Sam460 emulation. Btw, QEMU already has P50X0/e5500 emulation but that isn't enough to run OS4 as there's more to a board/system than just the CPU.

    > or better yet e6500 core emulation

    OS4 doesn't run on e6500.

    > PCIe slots that are four generations ahead of Tabor

    3 generations.

    > Take existing MorphOS elements, enhance them for PPC64le,
    > and then just rework the code for X64.

    Code that has been cleaned from big-endian assumptions and adapted to modernized MorphOS API should just need a recompile for a potential x64 MorphOS.

    > What would really make it cool is if we could develop a cut and paste
    > function via the hypervisor that would allow us to transfer data from one
    > OS session/Window to another. Think about it. You pull something from
    > legacy AmigaOS or MorphOS, and could paste it directly into a more
    > advanced environment for further development, again, on one system.

    QEMU supports clipboard sharing between guest and host (and thus also between guests). There needs to run a special service in the guest OS for this to work, though, which doesn't exist yet for AmigaOS or MorphOS.
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