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    Everblue wrote:
    1. MOS x86 detailed and demoed
    2. MOS for Tabor

    Tabor? Never happening, the P1022 cpu is too sub-standard.
    But there will be a few alternatives eventually.

    And MorphOS could be ported to a Raptor Engineering Blackbird Power 9 based system.
    Development of the X64 version could use a very similar tool chain, and the Power version could easdily match the X64 system or out perform it, as Power 9 has a built-in hypervisor than only uses about 2% of the processor's power, versus about 20% for a software based hypersvisor on a X64 system.

    Power 9 is bi-endian, and could run existing MorphOS with no alteration, while providing a multitude of additional threads that could run a more advanced little endian 64 based box (better than a X64 version), heck, we could even devote a few threads to emulating X64 and its versious OS', for simultaneous Power and X64 threads via the hypervisor, an enhanced or replaced Ambient could be written to composite all windows from active OS sesions by being linked tightly with a version of Quark with the ability to manage and switch threads...

    We could have a modern day Amiga like system running an up to date MorphOS that could also run virtually anything else (no doubt OS4 as well as all we would need would be P50X0 emulation, or better yet e6500 core emulation).
    We might even be able to convince the Hackintosh community into helping us run various versions of OSX.
    So, MorphOS, OS4, MorphOS NG, Linux (and of course BSD and other Unix based OS'), Windows and possibly OSX....all at once.

    These OS' can be SMP enabled or non-SMP with the correct hypervisor management.

    And remember,the four core based Blackbird supports 16 simulanous threads (not really including the hypervisor which is implemented primarily in the hardware).
    The eight core based Blackbird supports 32 simultaneous threads.

    Personally, I'd rather spend $1400-$1600 on a Blackbird based MorphOS or AmigaOS system, than spend $400 on a crippled system like Tabor. Its an easy equation. At least double the clock speed, full 64 bit operation (big or little endian), and least 14 more threads, with faster memory, drive interfaces, USB3.0, and PCIe slots that are four generations ahead of Tabor (with CAPI).

    I am saving for one of these, now.
    And as Mark once expressed interest in obtain a T2080 laptop motherboard (to build a desktop), I'm sure he wouldn't mind receiving a Blackbird system.

    That doesn't mean MorphOS would ever official support Power9.
    But do you really think that if offered a Blackbird system our developers could resist the temptation to create a beta port of MorphOS when it ought to be reletively simple for an initial straight port of the existing OS?
    And, eventually, it would make a neat development system for developing the X64 fork.
    Take existing MorphOS elements, enhance them for PPC64le, and then just rework the code for X64.
    You'd have something that could run and develop both Power and X64 variants of MorphOS and its tool chains and cross compile components reasonably easily, all on one system.

    A multi-monitor version of something like this would be stunning.

    What would really make it cool is if we could develop a cut and paste function via the hypervisor that would allow us to transfer data from one OS session/Window to another.

    Think about it. You pull something from legacy AmigaOS or MorphOS, and could paste it directly into a more advanced environment for further development, again, on one system.

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