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    FALCON1 wrote: - Pagestream5 RELEASE....

    Was that a pig I saw fly-by . . . . at hypersonic speed? Nope . . . :-(
    and the same for PageStream 5 . . . Nope that's not going to happen, IMHO.

    Deron (Kazmaier - PageStream author) has left the engine running, but sadly no-one is at the wheel, or so it seems. :-?

    I wish that wasn't the case, but I do hope ASiegel manages to gather together enough of his source code for Folio, and improve on its first steps, as this is a good application, and worthy of any further improvement. ;-)

    A native PPC version of Libre Office, or something with similar attributes, would be nice to have in 2019, as the legacy, individual pieces of software from Amiga 68k days are "long in the tooth", and clunky, requiring Trance and having older gadgets and GUI that has been superceded by the more modern appearance of MorphOS's look and feel, and any OS needs such software to be more complete as a platform people will consider migrating to as a viable alternative to other OSs.

    I'd like to see the USB Isochronous audio work correctly, and allow other hardware to be utilised with MorphOS, as when I disconnect any of the USB audio devices I have, that even though they might be recognised, only stutter with audio output, so it's just unuseable, and which I have to then disconnect either through USB device de-allocation or just unplugging it/them, then my system is just unuseable until I reboot.

    Fix . . . the locking of the USB device list once SCANdal has been terrminated, which will then not allow any new USB hardware to be recognised, and will not even allow SCANdal to re-initialise the device it just used once it has been quit. (Zukow aware)

    Whatever happens in 2019, I will, hopefully, still be using MorphOS as my OS of choice . . . a choice I am glad to have made. Great work guys in 2018, and long may it continue.
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