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    Hey-Ho! Another year is just at its end and a new one will follow, So as in the other years I like to ask you folks about your expectations/wishes for 2019 in regard to MorphOS

    I think 2018 gave us some nice updates of the OS, the SDK iproved ObjectiveC upport was added, a modern mail client came to the OS and we have Notch the ├╝berkiller app! From this POV 2018 was rather nice.
    What didn't came: mass migration to MorphOS (well noone expected it, but...), powerful sanely priced new hardware, the big/bold development steps.

    Anyway here's y list for 2019:


    MorphOS 3.12/3.13 - not too much known about it publically and not as urgently anticipated as 3.10, but is in the works and should be out somewhen within the next 365 days. Hopefully Odyssey gets further improved (compability,JS-JIT)

    Wish: Some roadmap/first signs for MorphOS x64?
    Wish: Support for Raptor Blackbird as another stopgap.


    Hollywood 8 will probably come and offer very nice new features (Andreas is a hero!)
    Amigazeux is back - eager to see more from them
    jPV will probably release some gems.
    Maybe we'll see FinalWriter coming out?

    For my projects:

    After I had little time to do some coding in 2018 I will release something new in 2019. At least a person contact and information manager is pretty progressed and I am looking forward to a first release early 2019. And there is more in the works.

    I hope to participate on some user event in 2019.

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