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    Hello friends,
    I would like to start a small discussion about software licenses. Exact Free Software licenses. I have already been asked several times if I would provide the source code of my software. As a former Linux developer, I am generally a friend of Stallman's open source thoughts. Unfortunately, I have already experienced several times that software that I wrote (and that's a lot of work) just copied and published under another name again. That is in the context of the GPL if one releases the code no problem. But I think that the developer of the software has earned a little recognition for his work. I provide good software that is free in use and remains. But I think that one should mention the developer who made the effort even with a further development of third. This could look like this: This software is based on ECalc by Dierk-Bent Piening. I have not found a license that does that. I think it's a pity that the work of many developers volunteering a lot of work for you are not recognized. I'm interested in your opinion? I'm wondering if I should write a license demanding this one sentence. What do you think about Open Source and the GPL? Can you understand my view?
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