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    The way I understood it (aka sure way to be wrong ;) )

    Quark and basic drivers compiled for AMD64

    Everything else still running as 32(31)bit PPC code with all it limitations.

    Bootscreen stated 1GB of RAM (quite sure there was more on the mobo).

    System is booted via network as no massstorage was available (there was an NVM module on the board)

    Basic PCIe GFX card as the onboard GFX isn't supported yet.

    AMD64 code can access the ABox API, but must do so in bigendian.

    So it is indeed in alot of way like Amithlon only that instead of using a Linux kernel it build on top of a ported Quark.
    Just like with Amithlon all limitations of Amiga/MorphOS do apply but one can run native code if it deal the endians in the correct. For Amithlon there was a special GCC build that created bigendian x86 code, but that was to limited/incomplete to be a way forward.

    Next step(s) should be writing more drivers to make a full "native" boot possible.

    Once that has been done there will be the question how to go for multi-core and full 64bit and here I see 2 scenarios:

    1: Throw away most of our API and start fresh resulting in a massive rift, but also in a "modern" system within a reasonable timeframe

    2: Keep the ABox and expand/enable the QBox so that ABox apps can spawn x64 tasks to be scheduled over all core.
    This pretty much what happened with PowerUP or the original way to run x86 code on Amithlon.
    Later on one could add more APIs to QBox till it becomes a full OS and ABox just a legacy box.

    Still not holding my breath (or fa##s).
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