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    Can I say that I am heavily anxious to see an x86 MorphOS :D One huge advantage of having an x86 MorphOS is the ability to finally port WINE into MorphOS and this will open huge libraries of games and applications from Windows right into MorphOS which is superb! MorphOS would be truly BETTER than Linux in terms of an alternative operating system. Running WINE in MorphOS would be even easier and much funner than running it in Linux and best part of it all...it could be a layer in the next release of MorphOS that you can treat running any windows applications or games as if it is in Windows directly itself. Just double click it and you will not even see or feel WINE is doing the works in the back-end it will look like it is a native MorphOS application and you can even have customized icons.info as if it is ported to MorphOS directly!
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