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    vox wrote:

    I am also able to get quad core G5 2.5 GHz for 100$. Any idea when will (one core) it be supported in MOS?

    There are no plans to support it.

    Too bad, its cheap compared to its quite modern specs (RAM, PCI-E ...), its an x1000-x5000 killer. Plus raw single core G5 2.5GHz + PCI-E RadeonHD performance could do wonders in MOS 3.11+ and would give a great boost in linux and MacOS X.

    With G5, iMacs and even x1000 there seems to be some more hardware space left for MOS "to do" before or even after x86 tranistion (in PPC version). A MOS4 64-bit PPC version for G5, x1000, x5000 supporting multicore and 8GB RAM would also be great, if possible, equalizing MOS there to MacOS X and Linux.

    Surely,I will enjoy the PowerBook too and MOS is a champ on 1GB.

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