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    Hi guys!

    Next month I am getting 40EUR expensive 1.25Ghz G4 PowerBook with R9200 and only 1GB RAM. Will try to expand the RAM.

    It comes with Leopard as all PowerMacs do. Would love to add Linux to it and I see its somewhat recommended in order to partition disk anyway. Then I would love to have MOS.

    I see dual boot guide for MACOSX and MOS https://library.morph.zone/Dual-boot_MorphOS_and_MacOS_X_on_a_Mac_Mini_G4#Installing_MorphOS_after_OSX
    BUT how to do third install beyond creating the partition and how to setup and run those triple boots?

    From Apples firmware?
    Is there any solution close to LILO?
    By booting via live discs to Linux and MOS?

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