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    Curiously, we don't really have those quaint institutions here, unless its some unprofitable artsy little place located in a restored downtown center.
    And we are not at all evenly distributed, so the "Just support local shops..." argument isn't going to work on this side of the Atlantic.

    As to Brexit, good luck with that idea.
    Sounds about as inane as my President's sense of economics.

    Curious that we are talking about a successful German firm operating internationally, and Brexit and "local shops" comes up.

    I remember when economists in the US were suggesting we follow the British lead and become a "service economy" (what ever the heck that is, btw, how is that working out?).

    Not to return to my usual snarkyness, but I wouldn't follow the British lead into retreat from engagement with the Global economy here. It just leaves room for someone else to profit.
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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