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    KennyR wrote:

    Jim wrote:
    Thanks Andre,
    Those are some great references. Both parts of the company have stores here that focus on different markets.
    They seem to be very good at marketing their brands. Its unusual for us to have a European grocer operating in the US. But they seem quite competent and competitive.

    I hear the US shopper is even shyer of brands they don't know than Brits are, and that's saying something. It's been a slow uphill struggle for Aldi here to sell things with Polish and German labels on them. I can only imagine it would be even harder stateside.

    Actually, these guys are pretty slick. Aldi Nord has opened a chain of high end stores in the US called Trader Joe's that features a lot of specialty items and organics, while Aldi Sud operates under the Aldi's banner with more traditional stores.
    Your observation about our market is very correct, its also very competitive, but these two companies seem to be quite successful.
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