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    ASiegel wrote:

    outrun1978 wrote:
    Ive found in Germany people see food shopping as functional hence their stores Lidl, Aldi Penny Markt, Kaisers are a tad functional compared to UK tastes.

    Aldi and others have definitely upped their game in recent years with regard to their store design, which is still functional but certainly much more inviting than it used to be: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2z7NFqzDKyE

    Edeka and Rewe have been leading the way with regard to more appealing store design and slightly more high-end selections of products. They have been quite successful and are now slowly being copied by their competitors. Here is an example of an Edeka flagship store: http://kinzel-architecture.de/content/en/archive/projekt/grocery-store-berlin

    Thanks Andre,
    Those are some great references. Both parts of the company have stores here that focus on different markets.
    They seem to be very good at marketing their brands. Its unusual for us to have a European grocer operating in the US. But they seem quite competent and competitive.
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