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    >> Hyperion's share structure is not publicly known

    > In that case we would not be able to accurately speak as to who is
    > a [...] shareholder, imo.

    Yes, that's why nobody has attempted to do so in this thread so far, I guess. If Hyperion directors are to be believed, Ben Hermans is a shareholder, and if Ben Hermans is to be believed, "Ben Hermans & family" were the sole owners of Hyperion Entertainment CVBA at least until about 5 years ago (which was before the 2015/2016 restructuring phase).

    >> it is a safe bet to assume that Ben Hermans is the majority shareholder
    >> (he even says so himself).

    > afaik he has stated in print that he is a "major" shareholder, not "majority" shareholder.

    You are correct. It's my personal assumption that he's not only a major shareholder, but also the majority shareholder :-)
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