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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    >>> a limited liability company [...], so the directors (or possibly just him) can escape any personal debt

    >> This would be the shareholders, not the directors.

    >> Which shareholders?

    The shareholders of Hyperion Entertainment CVBA. While Hyperion's share structure is not publicly known, it is a safe bet to assume that Ben Hermans is the majority shareholder (he even says so himself). Liability is with the shareholders, not with the directors (unless they possess any shares, of course).

    > There are only two guys in the company!

    There are two *directors*, who may or may not be shareholders at the same time. None of them is Ben Hermans, as you may have noticed. We went through this already:


    Section 4


    Once a CVBA is formed and the capital is paid in, the
    shareholders bear no personal liability for the debts of, or claims against, the entity by sole
    reason of their being shareholders.

    Hope that helps.

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