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    > You often fall in the trap of semantics, Andreas. Like this time.
    > Try look at the bigger picture, the meaning behind the words.

    You often fail to grasp what I actually wrote in reply to what I actually quoted, like this time. You then try to apply some arbitrary meaning to it that's just not there, except in your head.
    To recap for anybody who tends to intentionally or unintentionally misread what I write:

    1. An annual account filed for 2015 revealing a big debt for 2015 doesn't hint at *another* bankruptcy or insolvency of Hyperion when Hyperion was already declared insolvent in 2015. If at all, it would be the *same* insolvency.
    2. To judge Hyperion's current (2018) financial situation, it doesn't make sense to view the 2015 account when there is also the 2016 account available. 2016 is less long ago than 2015, right? And even inferring from the 2016 account may not necessarily lead to correct conclusions regarding the current (2018) situation.
    3. Implying that there's no point in filing the annual account for 2015 if the 2015 debt is not the current (2018) debt reveals a significant ignorance regarding the concept of annual accounts and the reasons for filing them.

    There's no meaning beyond these exact points in what I've written in this thread so far. You're welcome to discuss them but please abstain from putting any arbitrary meaning behind my words.
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