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    You often fall in the trap of semantics, Andreas. Like this time. Try look at the bigger picture, the meaning behind the words. Hyperion's shit is not in order, this much is obvious. They have yet to file accounts for 2009-2014 and 2017, and *this fact alone* is reasonable cause for sounding the alarm. The years leading up to 2015 meant 460,000 EUR in accumulated loss and 600,000 EUR in debt, which is a lot for a company living on selling OS4 copies in the lower hundreds every other year. Post-bankruptcy in 2015 ("oh, it was merely a clerical error") there was some restructuring and possibly another source of issued capital and/or stakeholder loans, but it has most certainly meant *even less* income from business in combination with skyrocketing legal fees, even if Ben Hermans does a lot of shit pro-bono which he of course does.
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