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    > The generation Amiga article is new, the linked document [...] has a 2018 date.

    Both irrelevant for what I wrote.

    > It may reference accounts from 2015

    Yes, it is Hyperion's annual account for 2015, so doesn't say anything about what happened after 2015, let alone current status. If the 2015 account revealed Hyperion having been bankrupt in 2015, it wouldn't be a *new* bankruptcy, because Hyperion was already declared insolvent in 2015 (and non-insolvent) two months later.

    > what's the point of the document if the debt is not current debt?

    You don't seem to get the concept of annual accounts.

    > Does the document say the debt is paid?

    No, it doesn't say anything about what happened after 2015. To know what happened after 2015, have a look into the 2016 account filed two days after the 2015 account and linked to by me in comment #2.
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