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    KennyR wrote:
    In Hyperion's current state, all it would need is for a creditor to apply for dissolution, and they would truly enter bankruptcy.


    And this is what the "Generation Amiga" article is saying. Just look at those numbers from 2015/2016 operations! :-o

    The numbers show that Hyperion has virtually no income whatsoever, it bleeds like a pig every year! 460,000 EUR in accumulated loss in 2015, and counting! :-o This is made possible only through 456,000 EUR in short-term "other debts" (I read this as "out of the pocket of the owners"), 24,000 EUR in short-term loans from credit institutions and owing "suppliers" 52,500 EUR. A whopping 600,000 EUR in debt, which increased from the previous year, and most certainly has continued to increase since then! Because the business couldn't possibly have improved for Hyperion, even less sales of OS4 and a magnitude more legal fees!

    No income, no assets worth mentioning, an operational loss running completely wild funded solely by 600,000 EUR loans! And again, this was back in 2015, in 2016 the loss had accumulated to 500,000 EUR, and Hyperion has had a few years with exploding legal activities since then!

    And add to this:

    1) These reports has not been audited by an external entity (page 3), the numbers are entirely what Hyperion wrote up themselves and sent in to the authorities.
    2) The sums reported for 2014 in this 2015 report does not match what they reported about 2014 in previous reports. (page 1)
    3) There are signs of fraudulent behavior in Hyperion: "The same discussion threads [239] also mentioned a tale of forgeries, blackmail and secret contracts. (So far, I received confirmation of different aspects of the story from a Hyperion partner and from a third-party, and I could listen to an audio sample where two parties involved cited the alleged forgery and how this allegedly led to a conspiracy to defraud some Hyperion creditors and partners, but not others, of future revenues.)"
    4) They have failed to file these kind of reports for a long time, and the total picture is far from complete even now as we speak! That's not a good sign at all! It would be interesting to see the results of an external audit in Hyperion! ;-)

    The "bankruptcy" is indeed strong with this one... :lol:


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