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    >>>>> the current Ambient implementation that tries to retrofit dragging &
    >>>>> dropping on top of how old file managers handled multi-selection of
    >>>>> files is [...] rather annoying and very much unintuitive. [...] it is quite
    >>>>> disappointing that such basic functionality had been botched like this.

    >>>> Weren't you as a MorphOS team member able to influence your team
    >>>> colleagues working on Ambient? Or maybe you could do for MorphOS 3.12?

    >>> I was replying to igracki earlier in this discussion thread who has made several
    >>> updates to Ambient for 3.10 and 3.11 and might address this as well...

    >> Thanks for clarification. I wasn't aware that igracki was (co-)developing Ambient
    >> these days.

    > I think he might mean Andre

    I think it's unlikely that ASiegel means André. At least it wouldn't make sense for ASiegel to criticize Ambient functionality when André was an Ambient developer, would it? ;-)

    > I can't parse other people's poorly worded sentences.

    I don't think ASiegel words his sentences poorly.
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