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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    >> hasn't the New York case (Cloanto vs. Hyperion) been merged with the newer Washington
    >> case (Hyperion vs. Amiga, Amino, Cloanto, Itec) and relocated to Washington?

    > if it makes you feel any better

    I don't think this is about me or my feelings ;-)

    > NYC is only a little more than a half hour train ride away.

    As said, I think the case has not been based in New York for a while (April?).

    > I visit that city and Washington DC frequently.

    The combined case is based in Washington as in the west coast federal state, not DC.

    >> Had Pentti Kouri not died in January 2009 letting the money source run dry,
    >> maybe Hyperion's opposing parties would have been able to continue the
    >> trial instead of agreeing to a settlement.

    > As to Pentti Kouri, "his" resources were usually other's resources.

    At least in this context, I don't think it matters much where the money ultimately came from.

    > Amiga Inc [...] destroyed their relationship with Haage and Partner

    It may also be seen the other way round, given that according to Bernie Meyer, H&P could not produce a valid license for OS3.9 supplied with AmigaOS XL / Amiga XL / Amithlon.

    > Cloanto [...] don't have a license to distribute OS 3.5 or OS 3.9

    Does anybody have, except from selling old stock?

    Excellent memory.

    April 12, 2018

    And actually "transferred" as opposed to merged. These are seperate cases and amended claims have been filed for each one.

    Cloanto's amended complaint
    Hyperion's amended complaint not posted yet.


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