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    > A lawsuit in Washington state seems pretty pointless.

    Really? Washington is where in March due to place of jurisdiction of the majority of the defendants, Hyperion sued Amiga Inc., Amino, Itec and Cloanto over breach of contract. And judge Martinez also presided over the court in the trial a decade ago, so he should know the parties (except Cloanto) inside out.

    > IF there are trying to re-litigate the issues related to that cumbersome transfer
    > of IP rights, then those seeking funds from Pentti Kouri's estate would be the
    > only likely benefactors I can see, not Cloanto.

    Yes, of course. But maybe this time Hyperion has worse funding (compared to Cloanto), who knows.

    > Cloanto would have less basis of a claim in that process than Genesi would.

    Genesi and copyright to any version of AmigaOS? I'm going to discount this as a figure of speech ;-)
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