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    >> hasn't the New York case (Cloanto vs. Hyperion) been merged with the newer Washington
    >> case (Hyperion vs. Amiga, Amino, Cloanto, Itec) and relocated to Washington?

    > if it makes you feel any better

    I don't think this is about me or my feelings ;-)

    > NYC is only a little more than a half hour train ride away.

    As said, I think the case has not been based in New York for a while (April?).

    > I visit that city and Washington DC frequently.

    The combined case is based in Washington as in the west coast federal state, not DC.

    >> Had Pentti Kouri not died in January 2009 letting the money source run dry,
    >> maybe Hyperion's opposing parties would have been able to continue the
    >> trial instead of agreeing to a settlement.

    > As to Pentti Kouri, "his" resources were usually other's resources.

    At least in this context, I don't think it matters much where the money ultimately came from.

    > Amiga Inc [...] destroyed their relationship with Haage and Partner

    It may also be seen the other way round, given that according to Bernie Meyer, H&P could not produce a valid license for OS3.9 supplied with AmigaOS XL / Amiga XL / Amithlon.

    > Cloanto [...] don't have a license to distribute OS 3.5 or OS 3.9

    Does anybody have, except from selling old stock?
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