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    > this is likely to be resolved in courts in the state I live in

    You have moved from Delaware to New York? And hasn't the New York case (Cloanto vs. Hyperion) been merged with the newer Washington case (Hyperion vs. Amiga, Amino, Cloanto, Itec) and relocated to Washington? (Addendum: Or do you mean 'state' as in USA?)

    > with previous judgements in their favor, it looks like the courts
    > will rule in favor of Hyperion in this matter.

    It was a settlement agreement in September 2009 between Hyperion, Amiga, Amino and Itec. Had Pentti Kouri not died in January 2009 letting the money source run dry, maybe Hyperion's opposing parties would have been able to continue the trial instead of agreeing to a settlement. I'm not privy to Cloanto's financial resources compared to Hyperion's, though.

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