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    Papiosaur wrote:

    i search a solution to distribute Workbench 3.1 files, Rom 3.1 and Rom 1.3 with E-UAE into the Chrysalis pack to integrate Amiga system into MorphOS like this :


    Who should i ask the question ? Cloanto ? Amiga Inc. ?

    Is will be possible to the MorphOS Team to ask a licence for that ?

    Thanks for your answer

    /sorry for my bad english...

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    Cloanto is the one you should ask. They alone owns Amiga (what Commodore left) today. They are the registered copyright holders, as this 51 pages long list from the database of the US Copyright Office confirms (though not all of the copyrighted works are listed in the public database, nor does it have to be).

    In fact, when Amiga Inc was to offer old Amiga classic games on the Blackberry platform, they actually had to license the OS components (exactly what you are talking about above) from Cloanto. ;-)
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