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    I don't think anyone can give you trusted legal advice on this forum.

    But I would be very careful, as there's a lawsuit going on regarding the software you mention (or there was a lawsuit? Did they settle yet?), so whoever claims ownership can be proven wrong on the court later, and then you might run into troubles again. (Sad as it is, this is the state of classic Amiga ROMs today. They can be toxic for a project.)

    I'd say - although I do not speak for them - it's definitely not the MorphOS Team who are the right people to ask tho', as I doubt they would want to be affiliated with binary blobs from untrusted sources, especially if those binary blobs' ownership are repeatedly disputed.

    Isn't bundling AROS Kickstart an option for a stop-gap solution? WinUAE has that as default at least, IIRC, hasn't it? So it should work for most things, with the disclaimer that for full compatibility the user is expected to provide their own ROM if they own it.
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