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    defender wrote: my problem is that my turboprint settings seem to be messed up somehow.
    I can print from Flowstudio for example, but from VPDF or OWB (PS:) my system freezes immediately.

    I wouldn't be so sure it's your problem actually.

    As I understand it, the latest version of VPDF that was supplied with v3.10 has printing device issues, so it would probably be better to manually revert to using the version of VPDF that came with v3.9 - at least that's what I am doing, and it works OK with the latest Printers implementation - that is - ONLY once I FIXED the issues that were all messed up with the "Printers" (PostScript) system once it had installed ( as it was missing the USBPAR: device, and my working PPD file was not recognised due to Beta not being uninstalled/unlocked prior to being replaced by v3.10 implementation, along with the VDPF printer device not being recognised/implemented).

    I did complain about these issues at an early stage of v3.10 being released, but I was not listened to by the Dev Team it seems, but the truth is still the truth - and they got it wrong, so it still needs fixing.

    With regard to OWB I presume you are using v1.24 that came with v3.10 - and the same advice regarding VPDF and the Printing schemes would be repeated by me - use the previously released version, that of v1.23 of OWB that came with MorphOS v3.9, as I've got better use out of that than the one that came with v3.10, as it cannot access many sites that even v1.23 CAN access, so you choose what you want to do, but that would be my advice, and of course I can now print from v1.23.

    I really think the Development Team sadly for us all, got more wrong with v3.10 than with any prior release, and we are going to have to put up with some of the issues until they fix it, hopefully, with v3.11 which cannot be released soon enough if it actually fixes the problems that v3.10 caused.
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