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    NewSense wrote:

    I never had much success with TurboPrint with MorphOS, &/or I was never entirely satsified with the wait for the GS: device to interpret the file, and often I never got any output, but with PostScript/PDF output the results are far quicker, and superior.

    What printer do you have? I use an HP LaserJet Pro 400 M451nw myself and I used it when I developed FlowStudio's Turboprint functionality and it works quite well I think. It's of course possible to export to a PDF and print that as you suggested, but it's cumbersome and also limited because the PDF export routines are not so advanced. In addition, you wouldn't get half the options that the FlowStudio's print requester gives you (or the preview).

    I have this idea of implementing some OS support to draw to a PDF or PS surface, which would make it easy for applications to produce such files or send them directly to a printer, but I still haven't found the time for this.

    Btw, there was an issue with FlowStudio's printing in the 3.10 release due to the black background theme. For the upcoming 3.11, I have implemented a special color theme that can when printing.
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