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    You don't need a specific "driver" for postscript.
    ppd-files only discribes special features of some printers to use them in printers-prefs-program of MOS-Printers-prefs. You may use the test.ppd, witch comes with MOS3.10.
    But you won't have any luck, if your printer doesn't support postscript. For that the laserjet 6 needs a special Simm with RAM + ROM on it (newsense had posted it).

    The only way for your Laserjet now to print postscript, is to print over PS: -device from Turboprint. Turboprint genereates a virtual device (PS:), which translates postscript-printouts (like VPDF) to bitmap and send it to your printer. You need to install GhostScript (Aminet) and following settings in Prefs/Printer/Postscript:


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