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    I seem to remember that a non-PostScript model of HP printer will work as a PostScript printer - as long as you fit the correct PostScript SIMM in the printer.

    I remember a few years ago owning a HP 5 Color LaserJet printer (the non PS model - identified by having the "M" in the title - i.e. HP5M) and when I fitted the PostScript SIMM in the memory slot it then worked as the HP5M PS Colour Laser Jet printer and printed documents out in glorious PostScript quality - and on that basis the HP6 may be possible to "enhance" it with PS capabilitiy if you can acquire a PS SIMM for the memory slot of that model.

    Bear in mind that this is NOT a guarantee that this will work, but for the cost of acquiring a PS SIMM for this printer it may wel be worth the outlay to try it out, and if it does work, report back here for others to be aware of. 8-D

    [EDIT] This seems to be what to look for - if you want to try this option

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