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    @octaforge here; I was made aware of this thread, so if you have any questions, go ahead

    Yes, my effort is only 64bit, but there are other people (seems to be a collective work of foxlet and stenstorp, with the latter having picked it up in recent time) doing the 32bit work. It is also upstream, but has no binary packages.

    My 64bit work has unofficial binary packages made by me. I'm doing both little endian and big endian, and for each of those now both glibc and musl libcs. The big endian stuff works on anything starting with PowerPC 970 aka G5 (as long as it has altivec, which means sadly y'all's X5000s are out, sorry, couldn't make that sacrifice - you could still compile it yourself, xbps-src makes it easy to build the entire OS from scratch, even cross-compile it from an x86_64 or ppc64le or ppc64 machine, all you have to do is change the cflags; Adélie has the same restriction, it too requires altivec, OTOH X1000 could work, i think I think the PWRfficient SoCs do have altivec), the little endian stuff works on the usual machines starting with POWER8 or equivalent (NXP e6500 should still work, that's full ISA 2.07 i believe).

    The glibc libc port for big endian is unusual because it uses the new ELFv2 ABI. Every other big endian ppc64 distro that still has support typically sticks with ELFv1, but Void is legacy-free in this regard (we're early adopters of ELFv2 in BE glibc, I don't think it even worked properly until fairly recently). That means older binaries won't work as they are, but of course you can always make like a Debian chroot/container to run your older binaries in. The kernel is ABI agnostic.

    I have a powerful 18-core POWER9 server here, which will be in the future used for official builds (as long as it works out) and before that for the unofficial builds. I plan to lend it to doing the 32bit builds as well later, as long as there is enough disk space and so on. The 32bit stuff don't require altivec, they run on the G3s.

    hopefully that clears it up
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