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    Andreas_Wolf schrieb:
    The majority of 'our' machines is 32-bit so Void Linux for PPC64 is void for them ;-)

    True. ;-) AFAIK only Adelie, Gentoo and Debian Ports remain then.

    Lately I've grown quite fond of Adelie. Installing packages is easy and very fast, the software stack is modern, several desktop options available (Xfce4. lxqt, KDE). Downsides: not very well documented besides basic installation (packages necessary to reach the desktop), no properly working display manager available yet. Also yaboot is not available - and GRUB is not able to boot the MorphOS kernel (I would be gladly proven wrong here). :-( But you can work around these glitches and installing it is a lot faster than Gentoo/Debian. ;-)
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