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    marmotta schrieb:
    The problem is the openfirmware rom on the video board. I not found any linux distro if the bug is fixed! All distribution assume you have a x86 bios on the board. But the x1900 mac edition not have a x86 bios....

    In practice if you use a frame buffer you have the colors corrupted (little endian vs big endian), if you use the radeon driver the screen remain black.

    The only option is: "radeon.modeset=0" and text console.

    Ok, so it's the kernels drm driver which is not working. I suggest you download a recent 4.19.x kernel and build from source. And it would be a good thing if your distribution uses gcc 6.4/6.5.

    I don't think the problem is the card having a Mac-BIOS. All my AGP-Cards and the NVIDIA in the G5 11,2 run just fine with Mac-BIOS.
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