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    NewSense wrote:

    Jim wrote: Zip disk? Seriously, I have some of those drives. I've been meaning to throw them out for years. Nobody would take them off my hands.

    ZIP disks are sought after my musicians for their high end audio equipment samplers, a lot of Akai Studio equipment used ZIP and even floppy disk units to save the music files to.

    So, don't delay, just get those ZIP disks on e8ay and get some money for them, and Donate/Contribute to Folio those funds to André Siegel for him to improve, and enhance Folio even more. 8-D

    Maybe even put some of the money, you make from selling those ZIP disks/drives, forward/start a Bounty for those Isochronous USB High-End Studio equipment hardware drivers that we so desperately need. 8-D :lol:

    Good idea. I have posted them on ebay before without much success, but I will have to dig them out.
    I have a few standard ZIP drives left and one ZIP250.

    Couldn't hurt to mend some fences with André either.
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