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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:

    As he stopped being a company director in January

    He does that from time to time, but he never really disappear. He has definitely been ”directing” Hyperion’s war effort in the trademark area for the entire 2017. The formal job title ”director” on papers and public records is one thing, but the job description in practice is a bit more ambiguous in Hermans/Hyperions case.


    Andreas_Wolf wrote:

    Cloanto doesn't seem to have an issue with Hyperion using the "AmigaOS" and "AmigaOne" trademarks in connection with OS4, as long as Hyperion don't try to register them as distinct trademarks.

    I think they definitely do. The point of this whole case is about removing Hyperion’s opposition to Cloanto’s ”Amiga” trademark registration, that’s the end-goal. ”Amiga One” and ”Amiga OS” infringes on Cloanto’s Amiga mark, thus it needs to be dealt with, if not it will in time de-facto become Hyperion trademarks (registered or not). I think Cloanto will be more than willing to let Hyperion use marks containing ”Amiga” later on, after everything is settled, provided that the ownership situation is crystal clear in favor to Cloanto, undisputable.
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