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    The message does not mean the game is asking for powersdl.library v15 specifically.
    It means it is asking for any version equal or superior to v15. So a v16 must work.

    There could be various reasons for your issue:

    1) You have several versions installed and something is opening the v15 first.
    You should make sure you have only one version in sys:libs/ and nowhere else (f.e. in some game's own libs/ directory).
    You can use Ambient's built-in search functionality to find all your powersdl.library copies...

    2) v16 requires some other library missing on your system. Snoopium (if correctly configured) will help you in this case.

    3) more...

    And the same for all powersdl's sub libraries (powersdl_image, powersdl_mixer etc...)
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