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    tlosmx wrote:

    And a probable superiority in SIMD and FPU instruction performanc

    in smp fpu my 1x970MP is like the 4x5040
    blender bench 42 second on 4T 5040, 23 on 4T 970MP ... plus no altivec

    One 970MP chip has two cores, each core has 2x FPU’s, so a total of 4 FPU’s per chip. Same number of FPU’s as in your 5040. In a quad configuration, the 970MP system has 8 FPU’s, twice the numbers of the 5040 system.

    Edit: BTW, IMHO there is little practical point in comparing non-SIMD performance, since the 970 *does* have Altivec. The quad 970MP has four of them. Blender would love to use them... ;-)
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