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    NewSense wrote:

    NewSense wrote:and I hope there is scope for retaining much of the 'look' of 3.9, and earlier - as that is where we originated from (amiga look - rather than Windows look)


    ASiegel wrote: Have you looked at Cloanto Workbench 1.0 lately? If you make the task bar white and add some orange, Windows 10 is not too far off :-)

    I'm not bothered what Cloanto or Windows do to their systems

    Did you click on the link?

    You did specifically reference the look of Workbench and Windows. Commodore sold far more Ax00 computers with version 1.x of Workbench than with any subsequent OS releases and it just so happens that Workbench 1.0 and Windows 10 share a similar color theme (white / blue) and an overall "flat" look.


    I'd just prefer MorphOS not to offer just that one option of "simplified design", as I quite like the PNG icon style/desktop look and feel of 3.9 so if that 'look' can be retained after the update to 3.10 then I'd be happier, and hopefully others would as well. ;-)

    I perfectly understood your overall point. Zero objections from me.
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