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    ASiegel wrote: While everyone talks about "flat design", I think a more accurate term for the current trend would be "simplified design".

    My comment about 'flat' design was based on a previous comment by naTmeg not really my choice of wording, but it was so others looking back at the thread knew what I was refering to. So I agree 'simplified design' would be a better way to describe it overall.

    NewSense wrote:and I hope there is scope for retaining much of the 'look' of 3.9, and earlier - as that is where we originated from (amiga look - rather than Windows look)


    ASiegel wrote: Have you looked at Cloanto Workbench 1.0 lately? If you make the task bar white and add some orange, Windows 10 is not too far off :-)

    I'm not bothered what Cloanto or Windows do to their systems, I'd just prefer MorphOS not to offer just that one option of "simplified design", as I quite like the PNG icon style/desktop look and feel of 3.9 so if that 'look' can be retained after the update to 3.10 then I'd be happier, and hopefully others would as well. ;-)
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