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    Kronos wrote:

    Dropping shoes.....

    It was quite obvious that there would be a 3.11 to fix whatever issues will somehow make it into 3.10.

    Yes, 3.11 was a given since that would be a bug fix.


    Doing another "add new stuff" release (aka 3.12) for PPC is also quite obvious as so far no one has really seen anything on "4.0"/"MorphOSNG"/whatever.

    Obvious to you, at each even number, trepidation for me.


    I'd expect the 3.x line to continue for quite some time after the 1st outing of "4.0" maybe even past it's release.

    I'd hope so too, since I intend to invest in more PPC hardware.
    In fact, until completely obsolete, I intend to continue using PPCs.
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