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    ASiegel wrote:

    In the past, the MorphOS development team provided access to unreleased software so it could be exhibited at AmiWest. I also personally assisted David to get the embroidered shirts done for the show and helped with various other promotional materials. Moreover, we had numerous community members share recommendations on what software should be presented when they were asked on MorphZone.

    From my perspective, it has been a mutually supportive relationship.

    For what is worth, I can confirm that I always got some kind of support from the team and from André specifically whenever in the past I partecipated to Italian shows and presented MorphOS. Andrè always sent promotional and graphic material when contacted, and usually asking on the #morphos IRC channel on Freenode resulted in some unreleased betas of software (sometimes simple new tools, in other occasions something tastier, like a first beta of Sputnik - those were the times!) and support. About the information that is given by a user resulting not 100% factual, probably in these situations it is better to be honest and not give answers ("Honestly I don't remember", "cannot speak for the team about this") than to try to recollect from memories. But of course this is less important, I think that any effort from a user is appreciated, also from a felow user point of view.

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