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    Zylesea wrote:
    Still wonder what's the issue with an el cheapo pre paid mobile card to provide some video/skype session. I mean is the US infrastructure even worse on mobile networks than it is in Germany (which is really not very advanced in broadband/high speed mobile networks compared to many Asian or other European countries, but getting a mobile to fluently do a video chat is not that difficult even in underdeveloped Germany...)?
    And if the hotel does not provide the required infrastructure - change the hotel. I mean this is a computer party - a powerful net access is quite a prerequisite IMHO.

    ok. You're talking about finding a solution that would allow someone from MorphOS team to do this.
    The idea of a recorded demo also speaks to a MorphOS team member doing this in the event there is no solution to the connectivity issue.


    Both idea point to MorphOS team member doing this, right?
    Until a decision is made to either:
    (1)go on as always with a user presentation or
    (2)make the presentation more official through having a MorphOS team member agree to take this on...

    the discussion ends as it always does each year with no decision.
    No offense. Just an observation from reading a few years here.

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