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    amigadave wrote:Without better Internet connectivity, a remote presentation by one or more of the MorphOS Dev. Team members would probably be a waste of their time, and just an exercise in futility. If any of the Dev. Team members, or just a single user, or group of users, wish to prepare a prerecorded video presentation for the 2019 AmiWest Show, I would be happy to make sure it is scheduled, and any needed equipment to display it will be available.

    ok. I'm convinced by all I've heard here and additionally in irc etc. over the years that it's more of a problem even trying to come up with a solution to the hotel internet issue.

    Oddly when I asked for a viable alternative in irc, I got the same response...recorded presentation.
    I think that is something worth looking at. As the only thing lost is the interactivity between presentation and show goers/internet viewers, you could discuss different ways to supplement this.

    Utube chat
    Acill/AmigaDave on the show floor
    irc channel

    For the above, what I'm getting at is still having an avenue for q/a based on the presentation.
    Perhaps even the person doing the recording of the presentation could be available through irc for q/a?

    Or would doing any of the above also be a complication that I'm not aware of?

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