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    KennyR wrote:

    I'm critising Amiwest instead. If Trevor spoke too long, then he should have been cut. If OS4 crashed too often, it should have been cut. They got their time slots and it was their fault they overran them, whether sponsors or not. It really hasn't been the first time where it's MorphOS or AROS who end up squeezed between the "main acts".


    Why? We are like a family dinner. Each one pitches in and Folks just talk, we enjoy.
    It's not a formal thing. It's a user group thing!!!

    that said.. of course, sponsors "earn" their spots (as it should be)

    We could not have an AmiWest without the genrosity of sponsors (you understand this?)

    BTW, Paul was asked about a presentation (see thread talking about who's going morph at amiwest) . If he wanted to do his thing at a certain time or wanted more time, we would have just let him. Ask AmigaDave, we gave him all the time he wanted too.

    Kenny, if you invested as much (you do know it's takes more) in presenting morphos as much as other users/venders do to present their stuff..

    MorphOS would have a great response in Sacramento.
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