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    number6 wrote:

    2 things spring to mind concerning issues that, if solved, would open up new possibilities.

    (1)The hotel wifi has been problematic, which has made for difficult attempts at presentations/assistance from anywhere off the show floor. AmiWest did try skype once, and I believe it ended up more annoying than informative from a viewer's perspective.

    (2)Ironing out technical issues ahead of time. I was informed that setup is done the day of the show. This seems unacceptable given the delays from mere setup itself, the emergency runs to get supplies, the delays caused by technical issues only discovered at the last minute or during the show, lack of time to test presentations, etc.

    (3)In addition, it is my understanding that the show requires a takedown and re-setup between Saturday and Sunday, due to lack of adequate security. Is this true?
    If so, then all issues are having to be addressed twice, which is simply making the work harder.

    Does SACC agree? If so, can these issues be addressed?


    @ number6
    thanks for the thoughtful ideas:

    Yes the worst issue is the hotel internet. I don't know how to fix this.

    Sorry, the SACC budget can't afford an outside internet vendor at this time.

    Yes, we can and do setup on Friday night. I am usually doing Classic Clinic myself.
    This year we tried to test the month before and the week before. But the rooms were rented out and we could NOT get in to do much.
    The hotel staff is quite helpful, but won't let us into the server room to make meaningful changes.

    Paul and Bill drive three to six hours to setup on Friday. But break down is not done.
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